At Boxfish, we understand that when running a business, you may not have the time or expertise to source your own utility contracts or negotiate terms that suit your requirements. However, with the recent rise in energy costs and increasingly complex contract options being offered by the suppliers, it has never been more of a priority to get the best deal that you can find, and that is where Boxfish steps in. 

Whether you need support with monitoring your utility usage, identifying whether your current energy sources are the most efficient for your specific business or even just to find the most affordable contract, Boxfish can support you every step of the way. With an unrivalled utility management service that is designed to help you source the best and get the most out of your utility deals, you can be confident that you are in safe hands with Boxfish.

What is Included in Our Utility Management Service?

This will vary by client, sector and the site specifics but typically our support would include these key aspects:

  • Proactive and reactive, day-to-day contract and energy/water supplier management support on billing errors, claims, client queries etc. 
  • Verification and checking of the accuracy of incoming utility invoices and where required, expert support to deal with any queries arising from incorrect bills;
  • Historic invoice review and support to seek rebates where overcharges are identified
  • Advice and recommendations on relevant energy and water regulatory compliance and other statutory obligations
  • A range of management reporting reporting
  • A comprehensive annual review, including detailed discussions on the previous 12 months. alongside future estimates of consumption and likely expenditure projections.

Why Choose Boxfish for Your Utility Management?

By choosing Boxfish for your utility management service, you are investing in a team with nearly 30-years of experience in managing utilities for businesses, therefore you know you are being advised by experts. Not only will you receive great support to source the best utility contracts for your business, you will also get advice on how to reduce your utility consumption and assistance to minimise your carbon impact. 

What’s more, our utility managers have relationships with all the energy and water suppliers  which means that you will genuinely receive unbiased advice on the best utility providers for your business. Rather than having to force-fit a particular supplier or contract onto our clients, we search the market to find the supplier and contract that is the best fit for our clients site and sector specific requirements.

This means that our clients will receive a bespoke contract depending on their requirements and eliminates the conflict of interest most brokers have in relation to the need to push contracts to a small subset of suppliers chosen because they pay the highest commissions (as a truly independent and impartial consultant, Boxfish do not take any commissions, payments, kick-backs or incentives from the suppliers, awarding contracts on merit alone).

Utility Management at Boxfish

Boxfish is here to guide you through every stage of your utility management process. Our goal is to source new utility contracts and investigate how you can reduce your utility usage to save you time and money. In times where utilities are at record high prices, Boxfish just might be the perfect solution for you and your business. To find out more about our utility management service, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


What is Utility Management?

Utility management is a service whereby businesses utilise an experienced utility manager to support them with all of the business’ utility requirements. Whether that be sourcing new utility contracts, validating invoices to make sure payments are correct, working on disputes with the supplier or identifying more energy efficient resources, an experienced utility manager can make all of the difference. 

What Do Utility Managers Do?

Utility managers are responsible for supporting businesses with the management of all of their utilities including electricity, water and gas. Utility managers can help businesses to source alternative types of resources such as renewable energy, ensure that invoices are correct, remove the time and hassle of dealing with suppliers directly (freeing you up to focus on running your business) as well as other tasks such as arranging infrastructure upgrades, change of tenancies  and much more. 

What is the Meaning of Utility Services?

Utility services refers to the various services used by businesses to keep them running on a day-to-day basis. Examples of these utility services include electricity, gas, water and sewerage. 

Case study: Rangers FC

Reduction in water consumption
(Rangers FC)
Annual water savings
(Rangers FC)
Rangers FC


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