Securing new commercial energy contracts that match your budget and site specific requirements can be a difficult task if you do not have the correct expertise and experience. Boxfish have an unrivalled track record in conquering the utility markets and finding you the right contract solution. 

If your business’ energy contracts renewals are on the horizon and you want to ensure you get the right gas and electricity contract solution, then our commercial energy procurement service is exactly what you need. To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

What is Included in our Commercial Energy Procurement Service?

You would be surprised about the amount of money your business can save by securing the correct commercial energy contract from the get-go. However, not every business has the internal expertise or time to spare to research and negotiate the best deals across the entire market. Therefore, investing in a commercial energy procurement service is ideal for taking the stress out of this process, so that you can focus on the daily tasks of running your business. Some of the key features of our commercial energy procurement service includes:

  • Procurement of gas and electricity supplies
  • Support to procure either fixed or flex contract options
  • OJEU-compliant procurements and utility supply frameworks.
  • Non-tariff optimisation support to streamline the additional charges that make up your energy costs e.g. capacity charges, reactive power charges, etc.

Why Choose Boxfish for Your Commercial Energy Procurement Service?

Boxfish have over 27 years of experience supporting our clients across a range of industries to develop a tailored procurement strategy that ensures we can procure and optimise their energy contracts. We’re confident our commercial energy procurement service will make a positive impact on your businesses. 

Commercial Energy Procurement Service at Boxfish

Boxfish is available to support you with all of your energy procurement needs to ensure that you can continue with the day to day tasks of running your businesses. If you could do with some help from our commercial energy procurement, get in touch today.


What is Commercial Energy Procurement?

Commercial energy procurement is the process of securing the energy or gas contracts that businesses require to run on a daily basis. 

What Does it Mean to Procure Energy?

Procuring energy is the action of sourcing energy contracts from energy providers for businesses or homes. 

What is Renewable Energy Procurement?

Renewable energy procurement is the process of finding appropriate renewable energy sources and organising contracts for the usage of this energy going forward.

Case Study: Morris Furniture Group

Saved in first year
Total utility savings
The Morris Furniture Group


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