When running a business, energy conservation may be of interest to you but not something you have the time for. Alongside running your business, actively assessing how you can reduce the energy consumption across the various sites and activities undertaken  by yourself may take up more time than you can afford to spare. 

This is where Boxfish steps in to support you with their expertise in energy conservation. Whether you need help with reducing the total consumption or with more complex tasks such as identifying the feasibility of installing onsite renewables  to reduce your business’ impact on the environment, Boxfish can support you every step of the way. 

What is Included in our Energy Conservation Service?

As part of our energy conservation service we will complete a full audit of your business’ energy usage in order to identify the initial stand out areas where your energy consumption could be reduced. From there we will then address whether an alternative resource such as renewable energy could work better for your business. It is important to note that we will only recommend resources if we truly believe they are realistic alternatives and are able to add value to your business . 

What’s more, as part of our energy conservation service we can also assess your businesses water consumption. You may not realise it but water conservation can also help the planet because energy is used to filter, pump and heat water to your businesses offices or buildings. That is why Boxfish takes the time to address your business’ water consumption and create strategies to help reduce it. 

Why Choose Boxfish’s Energy Conservation Service?

You can feel confident in investing in Boxfish’s energy conservation service because we have over 27 years of experience in the energy industry. We have worked with businesses of all sizes across all sectors  and continue to help them improve their energy conservation on a realistic level. We also take the time to work with our clients and understand their specific requirements because no two businesses are the same.

Energy Conservation Service at Boxfish

Boxfish is here to make a real difference to the energy conservation of your business. From providing energy saving methods for your offices to identifying alternative renewable energy resources for your factories, Boxfish are the experts that you can rely on. If you are interested in improving your carbon footprint and reducing your business’ energy consumption, get in touch today.


What are 5 Ways to Conserve Energy?

Energy consumption is fast becoming the  number one issue for businesses  so here are 5 basic ways to help you start conserving energy today. 

  • Turn all devices off when buildings are empty
  • Upgrade lighting to LEDs and invest in  occupancy sensor controls 
  • Adopt a paperless company policy to reduce energy usage from printing 
  • Ensure staff are engaged and motivated to help reduce energy use
  • Track, monitor and measure consumption to better understand your demand profiles.

Why is Energy Conservation Important?

Energy conservation is important to your business because not only does it help the planet and reduce your carbon footprint but it can also save you a significant amount of money. With the recent increase in energy costs, your energy bills may end up reducing your profit margin even more. What’s more, investors may be more interested in your business if you are making a noticeable effort to monitor and reduce your energy consumption. 

Case study: Rangers FC

Reduction in water consumption
(Rangers FC)
Annual water savings
(Rangers FC)
Rangers FC


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