Juggling the many aspects of your business energy can be tricky and time-consuming. So we’ll jump in and manage it all for you.

what we do

From taking care of procurement and handling day-to-day management, to reducing consumption and kickstarting renewable projects—we can assist with all aspects of your energy portfolio. We can help with:

  • An initial free review, to analyse your energy costs and identify where savings could be made. 
  • Ongoing management, which covers: invoice validation, recovery of any overcharges, and dealing with any issues or disputes.
  • Reducing energy consumption, via site visits and the implementation of smart meters and data loggers.
  • Procuring energy services; analysing the energy markets to determine the best time to buy contracts.
  • Installing electricity and gas services for new sites and plants.
  • Sourcing grants and soft loans for energy projects.
  • Renewable energy projects.

Case Study: DC Thomson

Annual energy savings
Recovered in electricity overcharges
DC Thomson Group


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