If your business is looking to reduce its water costs but does not have the time to be searching for new providers and securing an appropriate contract, then a commercial utility consultant is exactly what you need. Whether you are a start-up business hoping to secure a new contract or an experienced business which is looking to reduce costs, Boxfish are here to make your utility management processes that little bit easier. 

Boxfish are your essential commercial utility management consultants with years of experience in securing the best deals for a variety of businesses. Get in touch today to learn more about our service and how it can benefit your business.

What is Included in Our Commercial Water Utility Management Service?

Most businesses can save a significant amount of money by simply switching water utility providers and reducing their water consumption. But not all businesses have the time or expertise to spend searching for appropriate alternatives especially for those organisations that have complex needs such as trade effluent. This is where Boxfish’s water utility consultants step in to remove the burden from your team and manage this process for you.

Some of the key aspects of our commercial water utility management service includes: 

  • An initial free review, to analyse your water costs and identify where savings could be made
  • Contract procurement to ensure you have the right supplier, tariff and invoice format
  • Ongoing management, which covers invoice validation, recovery of any overcharges, and dealing with any issues or disputes
  • Reducing water consumption, via site surveys and the implementation of smart loggers to record usage
  • Non-tariff optimisation support such as ensuring your water meter sizing, your return to sewer allowances and your rateable values are all correct 
  • Installing water meters for new sites and plants
  • Reducing trade effluent costs

Why Choose Boxfish for Your Commercial Water Utility Management Service?

Boxfish has years of experience in working with a variety of businesses in managing their commercial water utilities and we are confident that we can support you in reducing your consumption. We work with you to create a bespoke plan based on your budget and average consumption which will then tailor our strategy for securing you the best deal with a new provider. 

Commercial Water Utility Management at Boxfish

Boxfish is here to help you reduce your businesses’ water consumption and identify the best deal based on your budget and requirements. We will work with you to get the best outcome we can and aim to alleviate any stress associated with finding a new provider. If you need some support with your commercial water utility management, get in touch today. 


What is the Main Purpose of Effective Water Utility Management Within the Company?

Water is often overlooked when organisations are looking to optimise their utilities but very often quick wins at low or no cost can be realised by optimising how you purchase, consume and dispose of water and this is especially true for hot water that can be five or six times more expensive than cold water. 

How much can I save by optimising how I use water?

The actual amount you can save each year by optimising water will vary but typically, for those organisations who’ve never looked at how, why and where they use water can unlock quick wins of between 8 and 15%.   

Case study: Rangers FC

Reduction in water consumption
(Rangers FC)
Annual water savings
(Rangers FC)
Rangers FC


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