At Boxfish, we’re always looking to reduce our clients’ running costs and our free, Utility Review is designed to identify, fix and help claim back any overcharges associated with errors or other anomalies in your energy and water invoices.


What we do

All we need are some historic energy and water invoices and our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts will undertake a thorough and extensive review of the detail. This review is designed to spot any overcharges relating to technical errors or other anomalies rather than your unit prices and tariffs themselves (although we can also help optimise these too if required).

Where we find something of interest, not only can Boxfish help you fix these issues going forward, but many of the historic overcharges can be backdated and clawed back from suppliers going back up to 6 years, creating an immediate boost to your bottom line. What’s more, fixing these issues can also help improve your green credentials and make your business much more sustainable in the future – it’s a win-win!

What’s in it for Boxfish?

We want to help make your business greener, more efficient and save you money so rest assured if there’s savings to be made or monies to be reclaimed, our team of experts will identify them and help you claw it back. The review also carries no obligations so if there’s no saving, there’s no fee. Simple as. You would only pay us if you request our support to resolve any of the overcharges, errors or anomalies we find as part of the review. That’s the Boxfish way.

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