Utility Procurement

Securing new commercial energy contracts that match your budget and site-specific requirements can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have the industry contacts, up-to-date understanding of the markets or experience of navigating the varied contract options available.

With nearly 30-years of industry experience, Boxfish support hundreds of clients each year to find the right energy and water contract solutions by leveraging our industry know-how and in-depth relationships with all the UK based suppliers.

If your energy or water contracts renewals are due in the next 12-months and you want to ensure you get independent, impartial and expert advice on which contract option is right for your business, then Boxfish’s commercial utility procurement support is the service you need.

Recognising that every business is different, we work in partnership with our clients to better understand their site and sector specific needs, allowing us to create bespoke tender frameworks that are proven to unlock maximum value on the tariff and non-tariff elements, letting you concentrate on the day job with full peace of mind that we have everything covered.

Utility Contract Management

Boxfish are the go-to utility management consultants for hundreds of UK companies across a wide range of sectors. We’ve achieved this position by having complete independence from suppliers and vendors, ensuring we can offer unbiased, impartial advice on the right solutions and contract options that are tailored to your needs. This approach and our insistence on building truly reciprocal, open and honest relationships with our clients, has created an enviable client retention track record of in excess of 93%.

As your utility consultant, our Utility Contract Management service not only outsources the day-to-day requirements of managing your energy and water contracts but also frees up your in-house staff, allowing them to focus on adding value elsewhere.

While the tasks undertaken by our account managers would vary based on the client and their site and contract specific needs, typical areas of support would include;

  • Procuring the right utility contract options
  • Undertaking monthly/quarterly multi-point invoice validation checks powered by our industry leading AI technology
  • Helping to reduce your energy and water consumption
  • Managing supplier interactions
  • Identification and recovery of overcharges
  • Supporting the set up of new metering and supplies
  • Optimisation of your non-tariff charges such as meter-right sizing and capacity reduction assessments
  • Dealing with all the little, time-consuming ad-hoc issues and disputes that arise from time to time

Export Contracting & Power Purchase Agreements

With the rise in on-site renewable projects, Boxfish have developed a range of services designed to assist our clients monetise the excess capacity that can’t be utilised easily on site.

By building on our near 30-years of energy industry know-how and our well-developed links to the energy suppliers, we are able to support our clients to set-up and export any excess renewable generation capacity back to the grid, via a reverse tender exercise (essentially, flipping our energy procurement service 180°) creating a potentially new and lucrative revenue stream that ranges from small scale Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) type payments through to larger, long-term Power Purchase Agreement arrangements.

Not only that, we can also advise clients looking to tap into the rise in renewable generation but who aren’t able to develop their own generation capacity. By matching their demand profile with generators looking to sell their excess capacity, we can help secure a short, medium and long-term sources of zero carbon, lower cost energy.

Key Stats

reduction in gas costs
(Stag Bakeries)
reduction in utility costs
(Alzheimer Scotland)


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