Apex Hotels operate luxury hotels in the UK’s most popular cities, including Edinburgh, London and Dundee.


We were appointed by Apex Hotels to manage and reduce utility costs at each of their hotels. In doing so, the team at Apex would be relieved of time-consuming administration, as well as the hassle of dealing with utility companies.


Through consolidation of various supply contracts, and by negotiating new contracts, we assisted Apex Hotels in securing substantial reductions in their gas and electricity costs.

The Boxfish team have strong relationships with all the major energy suppliers in the UK. We also have access to daily market data, meaning we’re well-placed to advise when could be a good time to go to market and purchase energy contracts.


In just a few months, we helped Apex Hotels to secure a 36% reduction in overall utility costs. This represents a large cash saving and a considerable reduction in administrative time and hassle.

The team at Boxfish have taken over management of our utility contracts and very quickly implemented new agreements that have saved us over 30%. Boxfish have improved our understanding of the factors affecting utility pricing and are working with us on further cost reduction initiatives that will reduce our expenditure further. I have every confidence that Boxfish will continue to generate pricing and efficiency savings for our group over the coming years.


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