Stag Bakeries Limited have been producing a wide range of artisan biscuits, oatcakes, shortbread and speciality cakes since 1885, using traditional methods and only the finest ingredients in their Stornoway bakery.


Stag Bakeries had worked with various utility brokers in the past—but as the company continues to grow and expand, they were seeking a new partnership that could add value across all aspects of their utilities. That’s where we came in. The first task Boxfish were given was to set up a comprehensive, competitive tender process for the bakery’s gas and electricity supplies.


By undertaking a full market tender process, we were able to identify huge savings. In addition, by using the received contract offers, our supplier links and our procurement expertise, we were able to negotiate with the incumbent gas supplier to price match the lowest offer received, further reducing the annual costs at the bakery while maintaining the same level of service. After locking in the new contracts, we achieved significant bottom line savings, and a whopping two thirds reduction in their annual gas costs.

Reduction in gas costs

It’s fair to say that Boxfish have more than delivered on what they said they would—we never expected the new contracts they negotiated on our behalf to achieve savings anywhere near £22k! Coupled with their ethical way of working, transparent pricing and utility expertise, we look forward to building a successful, long-term partnership with the team at Boxfish.


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