Net-zero Planning

It is now a legal requirement that all UK based organisations must achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050 (2045 in Scotland) and to assist our clients achieve this long-term and complex commitment to sustainability, Boxfish have created our Net-zero Roadmap development service. This support starts by benchmarking your organisation either through SECR or Carbonbaseline to understand your current impact and a suitable end point where the organisation will achieve net-zero emissions, either the mandatory 2045/2050 deadline or a more ambitious accelerated target chosen by the client.

Once this Carbon-gap is known, Boxfish will breakdown the impact into shorter term milestone targets, typically between three and five years in duration, and populate them with a detailed list of fully quantified actions that can be implemented to assist deliver the required reduction. While the actions will be bespoke based on site and/or sector specific requirements, common areas include making improvements in energy consumption efficiency, staff training and education, electrification of heat and the development of on/off site renewable technology.

Renewable Generation Feasibility Studies

Recognising the need for impartial, independent advice on the type and scale of on-site renewable generation, Boxfish have invested heavily in our technical engineering and project management capability to be able to offer an outsourced renewable design service.

With an unbiased position on the choice of technology, Boxfish are able to assess a variety of generation types and from there recommend the right solution, providing peace of mind that our assessment is focused on finding the optimal solution rather than one that favours the vendor.

Once the contract is awarded, Boxfish can assist with tendering the project to the market, negotiating with the vendors and assessing the returns from both a technical and commercial viewpoint. Once contract is awarded for installation, our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and consultants can assist with managing the project through to completion on our client’s behalf. Last but not least, we can also support the development of an export contract to help create a revenue steam by selling any excess generation back to the grid.

Energy & Water efficiency Auditing

Boxfish have close to 30-year experience of helping our clients to minimise the consumption of energy and water across their site portfolios effectively helping them to do more with less and driving tangible improvements in the company’s bottom line, carbon footprint and long-term sustainability.

Recognising the importance of consuming energy and water in a responsible manner, we have developed our capacity to undertake detailed, in-depth efficiency audits either as part of your legislative compliance requirements (e.g. under ESOS) or as standalone projects. While the driver may vary, the primary goal remains the same – to identify real-world, commercially viable solutions that add value to your business.

The opportunities available to a client to reduce consumption will be bespoke based on a variety of factors such as the size of the company, its industrial sector, the age and configuration of building etc. but our auditing team are experts in finding both low/no cost solutions (such as upgrading lighting, heating controls, installing water efficient fittings and fixtures etc.) and larger, CAPEX-type projects that can deliver a step charge in consumption (such as investing in renewables, electrification of heat, upgrading motors and drives with variable speed controls etc.).

Key Stats

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