Nisha Enterprises is a family-owned business, producing high-quality snacks since 1989. They’re one of the UK’s major manufacturers of potato snacks, confectionery, popcorn, sweets, and nuts.


They asked us to investigate a large increase in their electricity and gas costs—with a value of £130k—and to dispute the charges.


In every dispute, our goal is to get the best settlementas soon as possible.

Our team of consultants analysed the contracts and generated a comprehensive report on the findings. This analysis identified areas where the third party had been negligent and had not followed industry codes.

We were then able to secure a full refund on behalf of Nisha Enterprises and get the contracts cancelled.


Boxfish reclaimed 100% of the overcharge (£130k) and Nisha Enterprises were delighted with the outcome.

We appointed Boxfish in 2015 to provide full management of our energy supplies. Since then, they have not only given us peace of mind over our energy but have also stepped in to handle an extremely complicated utility dispute.


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