MOPs and DCDA – what do they mean and why are they important?

What is a Meter Operator Agreement (MOP)?

A MOP (Meter Operator Agreement) covers the installation, operation and management of HH (Half Hourly) electricity meters. Businesses who have HH meters with 100kW + consumption are required by law to have an MOP customer contract.

How does it work?

Customers are usually charged separately by an appointed HH meter operator outlined in the agreed contract. If an agreement is not in place, your supplier will appoint their preferred MOP and the additional charges could be passed onto the customer, resulting in a more expensive bill. Additionally, once signed, you cannot renege on an MOP agreement, so contract length is crucial.

A MOP contract has the freedom and flexibility to include DC (Data Collection) /DA (Data Aggregation) or not.

What is DC (Data Collection) & DA (Data Aggregator)?

DC (Data Collection) & DA (Data Aggregator) are also a legal requirement for businesses with Half Hourly meters. The DC retrieves your consumption data and then forwards it to the DA who validates the data so it can be used by your supplier for billing purposes.

How does it work?

DCDA allows for high quality data, meaning accurate billing and fast access to this data, which ensures a fully comprehensive validation service and also ties in with environmental compliance projects such as ESOS.

Many MOPS have integrated DCDA available, however the customer has the freedom to appoint their own DCDA independently or let their supplier choose their preferred option.

Why is this important?

Optimising your MOP and DCDA can provide both a financial and data benefit and save your business money. More robust, frequent and accurate data can also help with invoice validation and energy efficiency, whilst helping to avoid duplicate charges. In a nutshell, it stops your business getting charged for something you’re already paying for (you’d be amazed how much it happens).

How can Boxfish help?

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