7 steps on the journey to Net-Zero

Carbonbaseline by Boxfish is the first step for SMEs and mid-sized corporates in the journey to achieving a net-zero carbon future.

By measuring and tracking the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your operations, Carbonbaseline enables a better understanding of the business impact on the environment, sets improvement targets and identifies measures that can reduce carbon, energy consumption and utility spend.

Our unique 7 step process will get your business in the right shape to achieve a net-zero carbon future.


Step 1 – Start Your Journey

Making the commitment is the first big step in your business’ journey to net-zero. As the time of writing (June 2022) only around a quarter of SMEs have a plan to reduce their carbon footprint (Source: https://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/media/press-releases/2022/lloyds-bank/four-million-small-businesses-have-no-plans-for-net-zero-transition.html).

Step 1 is often the hardest step to take – once an internal agreement has been made to tackle your business’ carbon footprint, that’s when you give Boxfish a shout.

Step 2 – Benchmark

In the journey to net zero, there’s no ‘catch all’ solution – each business’ journey is completely bespoke. In the first instance, calculating your current emissions will provide you with a robust starting point and allow you to work with our team in developing the subsequent steps required for your journey.

Only 15% of SMEs know how to calculate their carbon footprint – Boxfish will work closely with you to help you and provide you with the metrics and data to advance with confidence on your journey to net zero.

Step 3 – Set Targets

Once the benchmarks have been accurately assessed, targets then need to be set – what is it you want to achieve? When considering this there is an undoubted push and pull factor – targets can be agreed and set internally or can be forced upon organisations by their customers or supply chain. Whilst both may drive the same end result, it’s often better to set and drive your own targets – these will invariably be more realistic and achievable in the long run.

Step 4 – Audit/Identify Opportunities

The benchmarks have been established and the targets set – so what next? Identifying key opportunities for your business is essential for progression in your journey. These will inevitably be wide-ranging and will almost certainly have a site and / or sector specific element to them.

Key areas will likely include things like:

  • Improving energy and water efficiency
  • Investing in renewable and low carbon technology
  • Staff training

Boxfish will work closely with you to identify the best opportunities within your business structure and how to implement them properly and efficiently. It’s essential that the economic and technical business cases are made to ensure costs don’t increase and project milestones are met.

Step 5 - Implement

With the opportunities now identified, it’s time for implementation. These are the actions that will help you to reduce your energy consumption and in turn improve your carbon footprint and lower your energy spend – the cheapest and greenest unit of energy is the one you don’t consume.

Step 6 - Remeasure & Monitor

As the actions progress, we will be continuously assessing and measuring to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This can be done in real time, using reputable online platforms or other sophisticated tracking tools.

Positive results will inevitably generate momentum and increase engagement, which will speed up the journey to the end goal of a net-zero carbon status. However, if we see something’s not quite working based on the data gathered, we’ll adjust accordingly and in collaboration with you to ensure your project’s on the right track.

Step 7 - Offset

As with any long term and ambitious project, tangible results take time, persistence and dedication. Ultimately, it’s unlikely that you’ll have sufficient data in the first couple of reporting periods to measure all of your carbon emissions and eliminate them. In the interim, offsetting your emissions is a quick, easy and efficient process. Online initiatives such as ones driven by our trusted partners Forest Carbon (https://www.forestcarbon.co.uk/buyers/available-projects)will help your business to balance out your emissions whilst your net-zero project beds in and takes shape.

Of course, it’s important that you don’t use offsetting as an easy and quick route – this should only be used in the interim and does not act as a method to avoid your business’ obligations to reduce your carbon impact.  ‘Greenwashing’, as it’s known, can often backfire if not done properly and with the right intentions: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10946-greenwashing.html

How do I get started?

Our unique and industry-leading 7 step method is tried, tested and backed up by our team’s years of experience and expertise. We know how intimidating a project such as this can be – that’s why we’re here to help make your life easier and ensure the journey to net-zero is implemented quickly, efficiently and provides results. Correct implementation now will also save your business money in the future and help to save our planet – a win win.

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