Wholesale Domestic are a family-owned business with over 50 years’ experience in the bathroom industry.


We were appointed by Wholesale Domestic to carry out a full review of energy and water charges and identify areas for savings. In particular, we were asked to investigate and manage a long-standing dispute on one of the electricity supplies.


Our review identified several areas where costs could be reduced. We managed the whole procurement process, from data collection through to a formal tender process and a detailed procurement report.

We also disputed historical charges on one of the electricity supplies and presented a robust case outlining why the supplier was at fault. We pursued the supplier for several months, keeping Wholesale Domestic updated with progress, and were ultimately successful in resolving the dispute.


Saved per annum

We are very happy to recommend Boxfish for their thorough and professional approach. Before we appointed Boxfish we were experiencing a number of issues with our energy and water supplies. It became quite complex and was taking up a lot of our time. The team at Boxfish have very quickly implemented new agreements and resolved long-standing disputes that have saved us over £20k. They have also helped us save money indirectly because our internal teams haven’t had to spend time and effort on managing our energy supplies.


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