As their business continues to expand, the management team at Sugo Pasta Kitchen identified that they were spending too much time and resource on the day-to-day management of their utilities and other ad hoc energy and water supplier queries.

In order to free themselves up to focus on business growth, Sugo Pasta Kitchen appointed Boxfish to provide full utility management and procurement support.


Our expert team outsourced the client’s full range of utility management services, including energy and water procurement, bill validation, contract and supplier management and ad-hoc support related to areas such as new connections, metering, carbon and energy efficiency.


As a result, our expert team streamlined and optimised the energy and water contracts, providing Sugo Pasta Kitchen with more time to focus on the things that matter most – staff training, business growth, and serving the finest Italian cuisine in the city. We also identified multiple cost and efficiency savings, ensuring the client paid less for their utilities.


We are delighted with the ongoing utility management support we’ve received from the Boxfish team and would highly recommend them to any other business. They have reduced the amount of time that our staff spend dealing with suppliers and complex queries, and we’re glad to have a company like Boxfish on our side. We look forward to doing more together in the future.

Michael De Martiis Company Director


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