Having seen rapid expansion of the nurseries in recent year, the management team at Kirktonholme were spending too much time and resource on managing their utilities across the expanding portfolio. However, having had a bad experience with a broker in the past, Kirktonholme were reluctant to outsource this important activity to a third party.


A mutual contact referred Boxfish to the Kirktonholme management team, and we agreed that it would be best to start small by outsourcing the management of the client’s water contracts and build the relationship from there rather than look to move everything from day one. Our expert team took over responsibility for the procurement of the water contracts, ongoing bill validation, contract, and supplier management and other ad-hoc support.


Feedback from the client was that we delivered what we said we would and in a completely transparent, impartial, and independent manner. This gave them the trust and assurances that Boxfish were the right partner to outsource their utility management and we now look after not only their water but also their gas and electricity contracts too.

Boxfish do what they say they will, and we’re delighted that we found them as it wasn’t sustainable to continue managing all the varied aspects of our account in house. They reduced the amount of time that our staff spend dealing with suppliers and complex queries and have identified significant savings through their comprehensive full market utility procurement and detailed bill validation support. We initially took a chance on them and we’re delighted we did because as we grow, it’s great to have a company like Boxfish as part of our team.

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