Founded over 100 years ago, The Morris Furniture Group is a family business committed to manufacturing quality furniture


We were appointed by The Morris Furniture Group to identify areas for potential savings and to carry out ongoing management of utilities.


This included monitoring costs, consumption patterns, call profiles, tariffs and discount plans. We provide regular reports on unusual costs, billing errors, energy profiles and telephone call analysis.

Through this comprehensive management of gas, electricity, water, fixed telecoms and mobile telecoms, we have made substantial savings on behalf of The Morris Furniture Group.


Saved in first year
Saved on utilities

We have used Boxfish for the past 6 years, starting off with utilities and then extending that service to cover mobile phones and fixed line telecoms. The largest one-off saving was for the installation of a new gas supply when we moved to a new factory. We had been quoted £56,000 from a particular supplier, with a 12-week installation date. Boxfish renegotiated this to a cost of £36,000 and, crucially, a 6-week installation date.


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