JOA Leisure are the owners of the largest trampoline park in the UK, ‘Flip Out’ in Glasgow. We supported JOA throughout the build phase, and have provided ongoing support for the last 2 years through our complete Utility Management service.


Recently, JOA became involved in a complex water dispute with their supplier. They asked us to step in and negotiate on their behalf.


JOA were advised by their water supplier that they owed £7k. The issue arose as a result of incorrect billing, identified as being technically incorrect by the Boxfish billing team. We then provided dispute management support to ensure that the complex negotiations were resolved and correct billing was delivered. As a result, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of the bill.


Reduction in balance owed

From dealing with complex billing issues, to helping us procure cheaper gas and electricity contracts, Boxfish has doggedly delivered both monetary and time savings to our business. In particular, we are pleased with the recent settlement negotiated by Boxfish on a protracted water billing dispute with Waterplus.

Clive Aronson,


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