Ingliston Country Club & Equestrian Centre is a family-run estate in the peaceful Scottish countryside, with a five-star award from the Scottish Tourist Board.


Ingliston Country Club was keen to save money on energy costs, so they asked us to help.


We carried out a full utility audit, covering electricity, gas and water, in order to find areas for savings. This identified that the club was paying too much for their energy contracts.

We worked with the client to develop a structured procurement strategy. Following our detailed market analysis, we were able to secure their electricity contract near the bottom of a significant dip in the market. As a result, Ingliston was protected from the recent rises in the wholesale market.


Saved on energy
Reduction of gas costs

Boxfish have helped us by providing a complete end to end service. We made an overall saving of 17% and received a refund of over £6k due to overpayment. The key element to their service is not only the professionalism but the fact that I can concentrate on my core business.


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