DC Thomson is one of the leading media organisations in the UK. They publish newspapers, magazines and books, and have diversified into new media, digital technology, retail, radio and television.


After a lengthy tender process, which included all the main energy brokers and consultants from across the UK, we were awarded the contract to manage the full DC Thomson energy portfolio.


Within the first few months of working with DC Thomson, we managed to negotiate significant annual savings on gas and electricity—including the recovery of overcharges. Not to mention, we have also significantly reduced the time their management and finance staff spend dealing with energy services.

We also helped to reduce costs in other areas of the business, such as telecoms and general office supplies. In fact, the Boxfish team cut the total annual office expenditure by over 50%. We’re now moving on to look at reducing water costs throughout the group.


Annual savings
Recovered in electricity overcharges

DC Thomson appointed Boxfish as our energy advisors in June 2015. Since then, they have helped us to deliver and implement a transfer of energy suppliers for our group without issue, resulting in significant savings. Boxfish has also been proactive in highlighting further cost savings and service-improving initiatives over the past 9 months, which has really turned our energy programme around. Strong partners such as Boxfish are hard to find and, as such, we are exploring many other avenues for growing our relationship


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