Founded in the 1930s, Bridgend Motor Group are a leading Scottish used car and van dealership, with locations throughout Ayrshire and the West Coast.


Bridgend Motor Group were developing a new vehicle preparation centre on a brownfield site in Kilmarnock. They required specialist support to connect their new building to the utility networks; starting with the mains water supply and then, as the project developed, natural gas and electricity supplies too.


We provided project management support to ensure that the new utility meters were installed in advance of the showroom opening. As part of this support, we also negotiated cost-effective energy and water contracts for the dealership.


We significantly reduced the time and effort required to get these connections in place, streamlining the process for the Bridgend Motor Group team and allowing them to focus on the new development itself.

We outsourced the day-to-day management of our utilities to the Boxfish team back in 2018 and they have since expanded their assistance to include the installation of water, gas and electricity connections at our new site in Kilmarnock. We know we can rely on Boxfish to look after our interests when it comes to our utilities.


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