Boxfish joins Government’s energy-saving service

Boxfish are excited to be part of the consultancy team delivering Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Business Support Service.

Energy-saving advice for SMEs

Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Business Support Service is funded by the Scottish Government-and European Regional Development Fund and provides free energy-saving advice to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Scotland.

Accessing the Government Loan Framework

Boxfish are delighted that our expertise will help Scottish SMEs become more energy efficient, cut their bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Through the service, businesses can also access interest-free Scottish Government SME Loans and up to 75% cashback on investments in low carbon technology to help with the implementation of recommended changes.

Making Upgrades? Get in touch.

If you are considering making upgrades to improve your organisation’s energy efficiency and want independent advice, get in touch with us.

The service is free and you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your operation, whether you have a small office or a large manufacturing plant. The report you receive will show your current energy use and what changes you could make to become more energy efficient.

To discuss the next step, give us a call 0141 226 8525 or drop us a line on our contact form below.


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