Utility Invoice Validation in the Public Sector—Are You Missing Out?

It’s been 6 months since our award onto the East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub (EoECPH), which has allowed us to deliver utility invoice validation for the NHS and other public sector organisations. This is something we’re very proud to be part of. Now we’re looking back over the work done to date, and highlighting ways in which other organisations could be tapping into the support—whether that’s help navigating the ever-changing procurement landscape, or unlocking value-added benefits and significant supplier refunds.

More with less

Across the UK, public sector organisations are being asked to do more with less—and this is having an impact on both front-line services and back-office support. The EoECPH framework was designed to give the public sector access to utility invoice validation expertise on a no-win, no fee basis along with discounted day rates for more complex technical consultancy projects.

Accessing the framework

Due to the unprecedented nature of the global pandemic, uptake of the support within the framework has been slower than anticipated. At this very challenging time, public sector and front-line workers have higher priorities than utility management—but there are savings to be made, and that’s exactly why we want to step in and help out. All public sector organisations—from blue light and education, to local authorities and councils—can access the framework. It operates on a gain share basis, meaning there’s no risk involved, even if we cannot claim anything back.

Boxfish - Experience & Knowledge

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