The Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS)

What is EBDS and who does it apply to?

As of 31st March, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) ceased and was replaced with the Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS). The EBDS will run from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024.

The discounts under the EBDS are fixed, and generally much lower than what was available under the EBRS. An increased discount is available for customers that fall under an energy intensive sector (based on SIC code) – click below to view the list.

Discounts available

The base discount will be automatically applied to all accounts where a contract was agreed on or after 1st December 2021 and variable tariffs (subject to a wholesale threshold much like EBRS – based on the day the contract was secured).

The discounts available are:

Increased Discount for Energy Intensive Sectors

The increased discount for ETII customers needs to be applied for via the UK Government – the web portal to do this has gone live this week.

The increased discount can be applied for here. Note that due to the evidence required Boxfish are unable to complete this on your behalf (though we are happy to assist with the process).

The web form asks for general company information and details regarding the sector you are in. As part of the application you will need to submit:

  • A signed directors declaration letter
  • Your most recent full set of year end accounts.
  • An income statement referring to the same period as the accounts.
  • A sample of 20 sales and purchase invoices in the past 12 months demonstrating activity in an eligible sector.
  • License or Trade Body membership details for regulated industries (if applicable).
  • A list of MPAN/MPRN’s and Suppliers.

The government also recommends (though not required) uploading a letter signed by an external auditor or chartered accountant confirming that you are in an eligible sector, and that 50% or more of your revenue generated from Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in an eligible sector. A template for this can be found here.

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