SMEs – act on climate change & reap the rewards

A recent study from NatWest shows that SMEs focus on climate change and sustainability had dropped significantly since the pandemic.

The report reveals that despite more green policies being passed to boost recovery, the desire and interest for smaller companies to become greener has dropped substantially since 2019. Indeed, only 35% of SMEs who took part in the report said they were motivated to tackle climate change.

What are the benefits?

However, there are huge benefits for SMEs to step up and get involved. NatWest found that last year, half of the UK’s carbon reduction ambitions can be achieved by the SME sector, which would in turn unlock £160 billion in opportunities for these businesses.

It’s a huge incentive for smaller companies not to shy away from greener measures – major opportunities await both from a financial and growth perspective if measures are taken by SMEs to tackle climate change.

How can Boxfish Help?

For businesses that want to improve their sustainability credentials, Boxfish are here to offer advice, support and a proven plan that delivers results. From day-to-day measures to longer term planning, our team of experts can provide a full sustainability audit and help your business with issues such as energy efficiency, on-site generation and green procurement.

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