Securing the best supply contracts for your building projects

Experience and knowledge

Undoubtedly, building sites and commercial premises are challenging environments to work in. Delivering a complex plan and schedule is essential to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are kept in check.

Even with the best planning in place, this is frequently a challenge. Unforeseen delays and project anomalies can massively impact delivery dates. Boxfish are here to help. We can work with you at the heart of your project to secure the best supply contracts for gas and electricity. This ensures project essentials are covered, such as initial energising of the building site and securing supply contracts and meters for landlords. Our extensive experience speaks for itself; with over 200 supply contracts negotiated and 3782 meters arranged and fitted for clients in the last 14 months, you’re in safe hands.

Let us carry the burden

Boxfish also appreciate that project admin tasks such as rescheduling engineers can eat up a huge amount of time for planners and developers. Let us handle the laborious tasks to ensure your team are working on the things that matter.

Crucially, Boxfish are completely independent, meaning we have a set fee rate for each type of task we do – we’ll never act as brokers or source supply contracts with a hidden high commission rate or finders fees. Peace of mind ensured from project conception to completion.

Cost-effective and energy efficient

Our experts will support your build team with managed billing for site usage, commercial premises and residential billing. When the development is complete and ready to be handed to the estate team, its admin will be in great shape.

We can also deliver Sales Energy Opportunity Assessment Projects and negotiate Power Purchase Agreements to sell your excess energy, ensuring you get the full return on the excess. Cost-effective and energy efficient – a win win

Client first. Always.

Boxfish believe in our values and ethos. We put the client first above all else. This is the motivation that underpins us as an Ethical Utility Consultancy with 25 years of proven delivery. We call it The Boxfish Way.

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