Should I outsource my Utility Management?

4 top benefits for outsourcing utilities

We know managing utilities internally can be time-consuming and all-encompassing. Hassles, phone calls and endless rounds of email threads are common as you try to decipher what the best deal is for your business. Well, maybe now is the time to think about outsourcing to a team of experts and taking the hassle out of your day-to-day job. That’s what Boxfish are here for. So, here’s 4 top benefits for outsourcing that pesky utility management and making your life easier.

1. Technical Expertise

We know that streamlining your utilities and sourcing the best value for money from suppliers can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. By partnering with Boxfish, you’ll gain access to our team of industry experts who have over 25 years’ UK-wide experience in consultation and management of all aspects of energy and water. In other words, we’ll make your life easier and save your business money, all starting with your free, no-obligation review. It’s a win-win.

2. Efficiency

Boxfish are widely regarded as the efficiency experts. We work in partnership with 000’s of clients, supporting them across activities such as energy and water procurement, bill validation, supplier liaison, management information reporting and query resolution.

Our systems and processes are both robust and streamlined, utilising the latest technologies to maximise our internal efficiencies. This allows us to focus on the stuff that’s important – finding quicker and more effective solutions to our clients’ utility management needs. It’s what we like to call #TheBoxfishWay.

3. Value for Money

We’re specialists in our field. This means our team of experts have already navigated the complex landscape of utility management hundreds of times. We know the pertinent questions to ask and the right answers to get – ultimately it’s all about getting the best possible outcome for your business. Our unique ‘insider’ know-how enables us to deliver results more quickly and more cost-effectively than in-house teams.

Crucially, we also remove the hassle of endless phone calls to suppliers. In fact, recent feedback from our clients has concluded that the single largest benefit of working with Boxfish was the ability to free up valuable internal resource, allowing businesses to concentrate on higher value tasks. In short, outsourcing buys you more time and gets you working on the things that matter.

4. Value Added Services

Undertaking an energy procurement exercise or working with a supplier to correct an overcharge is not rocket science, despite what some brokers may say. However, there are specialist areas that require specific skills and training. Here at Boxfish, we invest heavily in our staff – they’re our most valuable asset. Ensuring we have the best people on board gives us the advantage of remaining at the forefront of the utility industry. This also allows us to offer a much wider range of service over our competition or indeed an in-house resource.

By offering complementary services in areas such as energy efficiency, sustainability & net-zero, carbon accounting, legislative compliance and renewable technologies, we’re able to add real value and ensure your bases are all covered.

Drop the hassle and start outsourcing

Outsourcing your utility management will allow you space to breathe, giving you peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible deal on your utilities. We also believe in trust – if something’s not right we’ll flag it up – it’s all part of the Boxfish ‘Three Point Guarantee’.

If you’d like to drop the hassle of managing your utilities internally and are looking outsource this time consuming task, give Boxfish a shout on 0141 226 8525 or drop us an email at hello@weareboxfish.com.


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