Introducing ‘The Reef’: our suite of green energy services

Over the last couple of years, the tide has well and truly turned regarding worldwide awareness of climate change. This applies not only to businesses, but to the ethically-minded, climate-savvy customers of those businesses, who are demanding that their hard-earned money go towards eco-friendly companies. Unsurprisingly, the use of green energy is on the rise.

Did you know…?

According to new research conducted by analysts at KMB, almost three quarters of UK consumers would rather purchase products from companies powered by renewable energy. The survey also found that 73% would choose products from companies partly powered by renewable energy, with 86% of consumers under 25 believing it is worth purchasing products that were made using 100% renewable energy.

To ignore this change in attitudes would be a mistake for businesses.

The commercial benefits of going green

Moving to green energy, while more expensive, makes sense for the environment—but these latest statistics suggest that it’s good for business, too. That means switching to renewable energy is a commercial choice, as well as an ethical one.

The KMB survey focused on the purchase of goods from supermarkets, food and beverage firms, electronic stores, clothing companies, as well as gyms, hotels and bars. The results suggest that there is a strong commercial benefit for organisations that are decarbonising their energy mix through on-site renewables or green energy procurement.

Sustainability sets you apart

Notably, 60% of consumers revealed a preference for products with logos that display a green message alongside details of a company or product’s sustainability agenda. Take the brewers of Budweiser—Anheuser-Busch InBev—as an example. They placed a renewable electricity label on any Budweiser beer that was brewed using 100% renewable electricity.

Companies like Ikea and Unilever have also been seen to deliver notable economic growth from sustainable products. In fact, Unilever’s ‘Sustainable Living’ brands accounted for a record 70% of its turnover growth last year, growing 46% faster than the rest of the business.

In a crowded marketplace, sustainability can act as a differentiator for consumers.

Introducing ‘The Reef’

The Boxfish team have witnessed these changing attitudes first-hand. More and more of our clients are specifically requesting that their business energy come from green energy sources.

That’s why we’re launching ‘The Reef’.

The Reef is our suite of green energy products covering everything you’ll need; form green procurement, Power Purchase Agreements, renewable projects, carbon reduction, and electric vehicle charging solutions.

Let’s dive in

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