As of 1 April 2018, Ofgem’s new regulation—DCP 161—will come into force, affecting organisations with HH (half-hourly) electricity supplies. So what does this mean, and how will the change affect your organisation?

How will DCP 161 affect my utility costs?

DCP 161 is a charge which penalises organisations for exceeding their agreed electrical capacity (kVA). Currently, if an organisation exceeds this pre-agreed value, they’re simply charged at the same rate for each kVA of additional capacity used. As a result, concern around the ability of the generators to supply sufficient capacity have been raised, prompting a change in approach by Ofgem.

Under DCP 161, users who exceed their capacity will be charged an excess penalty rate which could be three times higher than the standard rate and so, based on various assumptions, could increase annual electricity costs significantly.

How we can help

Our team has 25 years of experience in working with organisations to optimise their available capacity, to better manage consumption levels and help reduce energy costs.

Our existing clients are all well-prepared to ensure DCP 161 has no impact on their utility bills, but there is still time for us to help your business avoid these additional charges from 1 April onwards.


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