Energy efficiency, baseload and savings


With the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation fully underway, many large companies have already started gathering data and completing reports even during these extremely difficult times. This is a promising sign that energy consumption, carbon emissions and sustainability remain a top priority for businesses in the UK. The main driver for SECR is to create awareness around energy efficiency and to ensure that companies are improving this year on year. Energy consumption reporting is an important tool for all organisations from SMEs to city councils and large corporations and will ensure carbon reduction targets are met when combined with climate action plans, improved metering and behavioural changes.

Taking action on energy efficiency

Although SECR applies to large companies and LLPs, this is the perfect time for SMEs to show their commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. SMEs have various reasons for taking action on energy consumption including reducing costs and improving their carbon footprint however many SMEs feel that the time and cost associated with energy efficiency projects are major barriers.

At Boxfish we know that improving energy efficiency can provide significant cost savings and does not need to come with a large price tag. Behavioural changes in warehouses, offices as well as restaurants and cafes such as switching off electrical equipment when not in use, regularly cleaning air conditioning units and improving automated or manual air conditioning or air handling unit settings can save £000’s.

Rebounding from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown will be extremely challenging for all companies, especially SMEs therefore maintaining a focus on energy efficiency will be key to ensuring all organisations remain economically and environmentally sustainable.


In offices and warehouses alike, energy consumption in the background has a large impact on overall consumption and demand. This baseload contributes up to 30% of demand (instantaneous power requirement, kW) and is often the majority of a company’s energy consumption (overall energy use, kWh). Baseload energy consumption is often caused by automated temperature controls and inefficient equipment and can be easily identified and improved by looking at the utility meter data.

The value of HHD meters

Many SMEs are unaware of the value of HHD (Half Hourly Data) utility meters. With this data, detailed information regarding peak energy demand and times of high energy consumption can be studied and behavioural changes or automated settings can be altered to provide significant savings in cost and carbon. Whether a client is thinking about setting up HHD meters or has them currently installed and are not realising the benefits – Boxfish can help.

In the background, Boxfish in conjunction with software partners are monitoring daily, weekly and monthly changes in baseload consumption for current clients with HHD and have created alerts for abnormal loads to help clients understand their overall consumption. Clients are seeing the benefits of energy management in the form of recommendations for energy efficiency improvements through investigations and assessments of HHD using this monitoring tool.


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