Covid-19 Crisis – Energy and Water Bills Support

In the Covid19 era, cash is king ....and savings matter.

With businesses everywhere struggling to come to terms with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, now is the time to consider locking in low energy prices and driving improvements in consumption. However, we know that this might not be an option for everyone. For companies who are dealing with short-term cashflow issues or locked into pre-agreed contracts, there are other options available to help minimise the impact of ongoing gas, electricity and water fees.

We'll find the right solution for your business

Boxfish have been working tirelessly with all of the UK’s energy and water suppliers to understand the options open to clients struggling with their utility invoices. Our knowledge and expertise in this sector has already been passed onto many of our existing clients who are now benefiting from greater clarity and budget certainty in relation to their energy and water costs over the short term.

From payment holidays to payment plans, we know the market inside out. Using our years of experience, knowledge and expertise, Boxfish will identify the best solutions for your company, allowing you to trim costs and make savings at a vital time.

What are the benefits?

  • Our advice is independent, impartial and free – we’ll identify and inform you of your options and outline how they can be used to help secure the long term future of your business
  • We’ll reduce your time spent on long, wasteful phone calls and allow you to concentrate on what matters – your core business
  • Boxfish will give you the support you need to enact or unlock the available support options
  • Your business will gain access to the full range of additional Boxfish support if required

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