VPS provides specialist temporary security, delivering Intelligent Triple Protection across the UK and Europe, from a number of regional depotsDue to the annual turnover and staff headcount being above the reporting thresholds for the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, VPS were required to prepare and submit a compliant submission as part of their annual accounts for the first reporting period.  


As a long-standing client, Boxfish worked closely with the senior management team at VPS to audit and confirm their position in relation to the SECR and to outline a plan to deliver a fully compliant report in advance of the final submission of the company’s annual accounts.


Boxfish provide out-sourced utility bureau support to the VPS property portfolio and this meant we were able to access full details of their electricity and gas consumption across the reporting period, quickly and easily via our internal energy management platform. This ensured that the data was complete and accurate and, when combined with input on fuel usage from VPS’s fleet management partner, allowed Boxfish to quantify Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions associated with the day-to-day activities undertaken by the company. From there, Boxfish worked in partnership with VPS to identify and calculate suitable carbon intensity factors, based on annual revenue and staff headcount.


While our remit was to prepare and submit a compliant SECR report, Boxfish were able to use our energy efficiency and low-carbon consultancy expertise to identify a range of potential opportunities to reduce carbon emissions for consideration by the VPS management team. Boxfish are currently supporting VPS to implement these projects to ensure that the subsequent annual submissions show a year-on-year improvement in the chosen carbon intensity factors.

We work closely with the team at Boxfish and when they identified that we would need to comply with SECR, we had no hesitation in engaging them to prepare the submission. Not only did they get us compliant, but they also identified several opportunities to help us reduce our carbon emissions too; their in-depth knowledge, practical expertise on optimising our utility needs and long-term approach to relationship building is hard to find. We would highly recommend Boxfish to any other business looking for support on legislative compliance, energy efficiency or carbon reduction projects.

David Beattie Head of Procurement


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