Scottish Power up the ante in green power supply

Boxfish have welcomed the latest announcement from Scottish Power, who stated that all its domestic fixed tariffs will be backed by power sourced from its own wind farms.

Greenwashing backlash

This comes on the back of a growing trend of ‘greenwashing’ – customers thinking they’re buying renewable electricity, when in fact all they’re buying is a renewable certificate.

Scottish Power CEO Keith Anderson stated, “Scottish Power customers can be confident their electricity comes from renewable sources, unlike some competitor offerings”. While some smaller clean power suppliers source all power direct from renewables generation, Scottish Power claims to be unique among the UK’s older ‘legacy’ suppliers in doing so.

More calls for action from Ofgem

Furthermore, Scottish Power called for action from the power regulator: “Ofgem should oblige all energy suppliers to provide similar details to ensure that green marketing claims do not mislead customers,” it stated.

Go green with Boxfish

While this announcement is focused on the domestic energy market, we see the same mis-leading claims being made in relation to business energy and at Boxfish, we believe this ‘greenwashing’ will continue for the foreseeable future until proper regulation comes into play as it’s an easy way to increase profits at the supply side. Companies looking to go 100% green will need to be extra careful not to fall into the trap of thinking they’re buying one thing but getting another.

 In response to the growing awareness of climate change and the need to ensure long term sustainability, more and more of our customers are demanding fully ‘green’ energy and this in turn is creating a massive opportunity for our ethical and impartial consultancy support.

How can Boxfish help your organisation?
Well, if you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint, get in touch to discuss how we can help via our fully green, flex and fixed procurement options, expertise in improving consumption efficiency i.e. helping you to do more with less or by offsetting demand through the application of on-site renewable technology.

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