As part of the UK Government’s Carbon reduction and net-zero policy, businesses are increasingly required to better understand their impact on the environment. Our carbon baseline report acts as an annual inventory showing which aspects of your business produce the most emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3. Boxfish not only help you to quantify your emissions but can also step in to identify how you can reduce the carbon emissions produced by your businesses. 

For more information on how Boxfish can support your business with reducing its carbon emission and completing a carbon baseline report, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

What is Included in our Carbon Baseline Service?

As part of our carbon baseline service, we analyse and quantify the emissions produced by your business across scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3  and then use this data to set your strategy to reduce your impact, achieve net-zero carbon and deliver a more sustainable future (aligned with PPN 06/21). The report will also assist you to identify suitable opportunities that can be taken to reduce carbon such as improving energy efficiency, staff training, investing in renewable and low carbon technology etc.

Why Choose Boxfish for Your Carbon Baseline Service?

With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Boxfish are your go-to experts to support you with your carbon baseline reporting. What makes Boxfish special is that we don’t just have the knowledge to help you put the report together, we also have the expertise to recommend improvements to your business operations in order to improve your carbon footprint. Delivering a carbon baseline service that goes beyond reporting and actually impacts your business in a positive way, you can place your confidence in Boxfish.

Carbon Baseline Service at Boxfish

Boxfish is here to support you with all of your carbon baseline reporting requirements as well as showing you how you can make improvements to your business’ carbon emission productions. Whether you don’t understand how to complete your first carbon baseline report, or are looking for ways to make improvements since last year’s report, get in touch today to get started.


What is a Carbon Baseline?

A carbon baseline is a way of assessing and comparing the carbon emissions produced by a business from year to year. This can then be utilised to identify ways of improving how a business operates whilst reducing carbon emission production. 

What is a Carbon Benchmark?

Carbon benchmarking is a method that businesses can utilise in order to compare the previous year’s carbon emission production to the current year. This means that they can see where they need to focus their time to reduce emissions and what aspects of the business needs reassessing.

Why Complete a Carbon Baseline Report?

There are multiple reasons to complete a carbon baseline report such as to enable your business to compete for tenders, to stay compliant with current legislation, to help drive your business’ net-zero plans, and to simply save your business money. 

Case study: Rangers FC

Reduction in water consumption
(Rangers FC)
Annual water savings
(Rangers FC)
Rangers FC


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