We work with owners’ committees to reduce the costs managed by factors, and can open doors to trusted, impartial factors who will offer you better value for money.

What we do

First, we’ll meet with the owners’ committee to discuss any current issues you may be having with your factor. We’ll then carry out a free review of the main costs on your factor’s bills (including buildings insurance, energy costs, contractors’ costs and maintenance costs) and report back to you with our suggestions on how to make savings.

In some cases, the owners’ committee may decide they want to replace the factors.

This might be due to poor service, poor cost control, or a conflict of interest (for example, if factors are taking commissions from preferred insurance companies).

We can help by inviting tenders from trusted factors who offer better value for money to owners. We are totally independent, meaning we don’t take any commissions from factors or suppliers, and can offer impartial advice.

Case study: Lancefield Quay

Flats fitted with smart water devices
Saved in just 3 years
Lancefield Quay


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